Housing Shaft deep drawing case fuel filter injection Die Casting Processing

deep drawing case

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Production Items

Product Features

A method that can use various metal raw materials. (Stainless Steels (SUS), Steels, etc.)
A method that requires technical skills to produce in a certain dimension by deep drawing thinner than the thickness of the raw materials.

Applied Components

Automobile Fuel Pump Components, Automotive Battery Cases
Components for Home Appliances, Components for Office Equipment, etc

The Current Status of Possession of Equipment, Facilities and Machinery

  • NO
  • Equipment Name
  • Size Specification
  • Quantity Held
  • 1
  • Press (Deep Drawing)
  • 160 tons/220 tons
  • 2
  • 2
  • Cleaner/
  • Cleaning/
  • 1

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