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Employee Welfare Benefits

  • Our company's Unique Employee Welfare!
    National Holiday Gifts and Bonuses

  • We support a stable life for our employees.
    Health Check-ups, Employee Loan Program and Children’s Tuition Grant

  • We respect the self-development of employees!
    Learning and training for improving job skills, learning cost support, lunch&dinner provided

  • We reward the passion of our employees.
    Retirement Pension Benefit, Incentive Plans, Payment of Other Type of Reward for Long-term Employees, Retirement Benefit, Overtime Pay, Special Payments for Special Holiday (Special Work) Allowance, and 4 Schemes of Social Insurance (National Pension, National Health Insurance, Employment Insurance)

  • Commute to work comfortably!
    Operation of the dormitory, payment of fuel costs for vehicles and parking lots

  • The best employee welfare is vacation!
    Annual Leave, Summer Holiday, Congratulatory&Condolence Holiday, Half-Day Off from Work, Labor Day Holiday, Vacation Expenses Support, Leave for Pregnancy or Childbirth-related Health Conditions, Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave

  • We provide the best environment to work comfortably.
    Lounge, uniforms provided

  • Restaurants/Cafeteria

  • Reception/Meeting Room

  • Table Tennis Court

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